Our raison d'être...

To build TOGETHER works that change the world and make us proud.

2022 milestones

16,484 employees
including 12,379 in France
5,153 new recruits
9,000 employee shareholders (to end June 2022)
€3.085b annuel revenue
€214.5m EBITDA
€5.3b order bank

Growing and changing

Joël Rousseau

Chair of the strategy Board

« Our entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force behind the NGE commitment to sustained, robust, but responsible growth. Our desire to grow, explore new markets and move into new business sectors is actioned by remaining true to ourselves »

Antoine metzger


« We have the great good fortune of being able towork together to build structures that are changing the world and which we can be proud of. At the same time, we must never compromise on our commitment and duty to fight for the environment »

Jean bernadet

Chef Executive Officer

« We will succeed in delivering our transformations by taking our 16,500 people with us. It is crucial that we nurture the relationship we have with our people by fully integrating all new talents so that each of them is able to achieve their full potential by progressing and developing in their chosen careers »

Our challenges

New societal aspirations

New generations aspire to a new relationship with work. The health crisis has amplified this trend. The majority of working people want to rebalance their personal and professional lives, and are less inclined to accept geographical mobility as part of their career paths.

NGE takes account of employees’ new aspirations. It encourages autonomy in the workplace, delegation, initiative-taking and entrepreneurial freedom, and ensures that employees remain employable throughout their working lives.

Ecological transition

The IPCC submitted its sixth report in 2022, taking stock of the most advanced scientific knowledge on climate. Humanity has never emitted as much greenhouse gas as it does today, despite the policies implemented.

As a responsible company, NGE is a committed Group that implements sustainable solutions to support its customers’ ecological transition.

Local economies

As relays for public policy, local authorities are key players in economic recovery, accessibility to public services and the governance of transport infrastructures.

NGE works at the service of these regions, building infrastructures that contribute to their attractiveness and economy. The Group invests locally to modernize its production facilities, recruits where its entities are located and favors partnerships with regional companies.

Demographics and urbanisation

By the end of 2022, the number of people on Earth will have passed the eight-billion mark. By 2080, 2 out of 3 people will be living in cities. Managing urban density is the main challenge for the emergence of sustainable cities.

As a partner to local authorities, NGE contributes to the transformation of cities. The Group builds urban and inter-urban public transport infrastructures, consolidates its expertise in networks and designs data management and steering tools…

Our stakeholder initiatives



Growing without ever sacrificing the Group’s values is NGE’s commitment to mobilizing all its employees.

Cultivating the bonds that unite employees, solidarity, sharing and conviviality is THE key to ensuring that every NGE employee feels part of this collective adventure. NGE is committed to preserving and transmitting its corporate culture and values.

To support its growth, NGE is reinventing recruitment to attract and retain talent.

Key figures :

5,153 new hires in 2022
1/4 of those recruited are under the age of 25
300+ mentors



In France and abroad, NGE participates in the construction of major infrastructures and local projects.

Every day, the Group strives to undertake and innovate, welcoming transformations as challenges and opportunities. And it does so in all its fields of activity: transport, energy, telecoms, construction…

In its own way, NGE is helping to make the planet a better place to live, thanks to its commitment, know-how and audacity, pushing back technical limits to build more sustainable, safer structures that change the world.

Key figures :

17 countries
200 locations in France
97% of customers ready to work for NGE again



NGE has gone from being a responsible company to a committed one.

NGE is committed to improving the local acceptability of its projects and reducing the impact of its worksites on the surrounding environment, with a view to preserving resources and respecting ecosystems.

The omnipresence of the ecological dimension is an opportunity for NGE to improve its operating methods and develop new activities.

Key figures :

4% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per year
10% reduction in energy consumption by 2023
10% reduction in drinking water consumption by 2023
80% of site waste and surplus recycled per year



NGE confirms its growth momentum, with consolidated sales up again by more than 11% to 3.085 billion euros. All segments reported double-digit growth.

EBIT exceeded €93.8 million for the first time, and profitability broke through the symbolic 3% barrier. EBITDA reached a record €214.5 million.

Key figures :

9,000 employee shareholders
11%: average annual sales growth rate over 5 years
3.5 billion: sales target for 2025

Methodological note

This integrated report is for all NGE stakeholders. Its purpose is to introduce NGE, its challenges, its core businesses and its financial and non-financial value creation strategy. It presents the most relevant aspects of NGE strategy for instructional information purposes, rather than seeking to provide a comprehensive overview.

Inspired by the reference framework proposed by the Value Reporting Foundation (formerly the IIRC), this integrated report has been prepared jointly by the Group Chairman, Executive Management Team, CSR Department, Human Resources Department, the Communication & External Relations Department and employees from a number of operations and central services departments.

This edition covers the 2022 financial year. The methodology and scope of the indicators shown are detailed in the Declaration of Non-Financial Performance.